Sauna & hot tub

Finnish sauna outside!

A Finnish sauna as it should be: outside! Huize Tergast has a very exclusive wellness area. An outdoor sauna has a really relaxing effect. You are completely free of all the sounds and activities in the house. It's very refreshing if you step out of the hot sauna, right into the fresh air.

Bubbling in the hot tub

It is a special experience to sit outside in the hot tub. During nice weather it's delightful, but if there's snow or rain it's sublime! The contrast between the pleasant hot tub and the harsh temperature outside is a unique experience.

And in between... relaxing

Next to the sauna and the hot tub is the 150-year-old coach house. Here you've got a lovely relaxation area with 5 sun lounge chairs, a very large shower and a toilet. Enjoy your sauna or jacuzzi bath in a soothing environment.