Extra services

Bath and kitchen linen

Bath and kitchen linen

You can rent towels and kitchen packages.
A bath towel package consists of 1 bath sheet, 2 large towels and 2 washcloths.
A kitchen towel package consists of 4 wipes, 2 kitchen towels, 2 dry towels, 2 dish towels.
The prices per package can be found on the booking form.

Cook in the kitchen

Cook in the kitchen

If you like a chef in the kitchen to cook your dinner, you can contact Klaas Culinair. He can make you a buffet at home, barbecue, walking dinner or a workshop.
You can discuss your personal wishes directly with the chef Klaas: +31 6230 74792.

groceries delivered at home width=

Groceries delivered at home

In Gasselternijveen are several shops. At every shop you can pass your order to them and ask, whether it is possible to deliver it at Huize Tergast at your day of arrival.
Supermarket Hoeve: +31-599-745025
Butchery Heukers: +31-599-512958
Baker Timmer: +31-599-512537
Supermarket Jumbo in Gieten: gie@jumbo.com or +31-592-333610

Beer tap

Beer tap and various beverages

At Gieter Slieter in Gieten you can order your beer, wines and many other drinks.
In consultation, your order will be delivered to Huize Tergast. You can also call directly to: +316-1089 0759.

Mark Lukens Fotografie

Photographer on location

Do you want to hire a photographer during your stay in Huize Tergast? We can recommend photographer Mark Lukens. He makes beautiful pictures of people, but also of houses and their interior. Take a look at Mark Lukens fotografie of In Detail fotografie.
The most beautiful photos on this website were made by Mark!

Receptions and parties

Receptions and parties

Huize Tergast is suitable for maximum 24 persons (+ 2 baby's). Visite of some people is no problem, but a reception or party that exceeds the maximum of 24 people is unfortunately in Huize Tergast not allowed, due to the municipal license. If you want to give a party while in Gasselternijveen, we will be happy to advise you some of the nearby locations.

Bike rental Drenthe

Bike rental

Drenthe is the number 1 bicycle province. There are more than 1100 km bike paths, of which 600 km of touristic paths. A good (rental) bike is indispensable to see the most beautiful places of Drenthe. On the website Stichting Samenwerkende Fietsverhuur Drenthe you will find bike rentals, bike routes and more information about cycling.