Living outside for young and old

English landscape garden

The garden of Huize Tergast is still the original English landscape garden, as it was designed for wealthy people in 1905! In the middle is a pond, surrounded with a walking path and a beautiful view of the house. There are old monumental trees that originate from that time. There are also yew trees of more than 100 years old.

Various terraces

There are two spacious terraces at Huize Tergast. One at the side of the house, close to the kitchen, and one behind the house, near the bar with cinema. Through the various terraces you can always find a place in the sun or in the shade. At the long tables you can also dine outside or barbecue.

Grill & smoker

There is a special BBQ, which you can also use as a smoker. With a smoker you can smoke or cook the meat slowly, making the meat more tender and less likely to burn. When you rent the BBQ you will also receive a bag of charcoal / briquettes.