Twin living and dining room

Cosy yet large seating area

The living room consists of 2 rooms that merge into each other. There are 6 large leather sofas that match the Art Nouveau colours of the house. The original coloured ceiling ornaments, the old high doors and the round window sills are still present.
On cold winter evenings, the wood stove provides extra atmosphere.

Finishing down to all details

In many corners and on various tables are beautiful decorations, which change seasonally. Careful attention is paid to the small details, because we want you to feel at home and pampered!

A house with history

Huize Tergast has an eventful history. Founded by Mr. Adams, brick manufacturer and mayor. In the reception hall you will find a beautiful Art Nouveau door with peacock decoration. The original marble floor and panelling are still intact and give the house an early 20th century atmosphere.

Dining together at the long table

The spacious dining room seats 24 people at the long dining table. At the table you can play a game, have a chat or lay the table nicely with crockery, cutlery and glasses for an extensive dinner.