Enjoy our accessibility

Wheelchair access

On the side of the house is a special entrance for wheelchairs and pushchairs. You will enter on the ground floor. As a wheelchair user, you have easy access to the living rooms, dining room, kitchen and games room. There is 1 bedroom with bathroom for the disabled.

Customised bathroom

Bedroom Toorop and the attached bathroom are fully furnished according to the requirements for wheelchair users. In the shower there is a fixed shower seat with bracket. Next to the toilet are two braces. The sink hangs in such a way that a wheelchair can ride underneath it and the crane can be handled properly.

Additional facilities

Huize Tergast has old-fashioned high thresholds. We ensure that there are ramps for the thresholds, so that every room on the ground floor is easily accessible.
Do you need more help, such as a high / low bed or extra care? You can contact Neighbourhood Care (Buurtzorg) in Gasselternijveen for information on what they can do for you.